We love doing Livestreams and we have a consistent schedule.

We currently have 4 Livestreams that get scheduled each month.

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays we do Live Flute Lessons so you can learn from an instructor who has been teaching private lessons over 30+ years.

Here is a sample: 09-02-2020 Live Flute Lesson

For our Patreons we do two Livestreams as a Thanks for supporting and to help them improve as players.

  • The 2nd Tuesday is our Patreon Only Livestream where we discuss “All Things Native American Flute”
  • The 3rd Thursday is our Patreon Only Q & A where we answer questions for our upper tier Patrons.

We would show examples, but these are for Patrons only.

View our entire Livestream Schedule here @: http;//GetVokl.com/Channel/NativeMusicEnthusiast

To know about joining our Patreon Only Livestreams visit here @: http://Patreon.com/NativeMusicEnthusiast