We love the Native American Flute. It is truly a fantastic instrument that not only sounds great, but can help those who play become more relaxed and focused in their daily life. Our goals are to raise awareness, have more people start to play, and increase personal expression through the performance of the Native American Flute.

Building performance skills is important for any musician. Practicing can be boring. Just playing new techniques over and over to build proficiency is not exciting.

Etudes are short pieces that focus on building skills. They help increase abilities a composer thinks is important. And by using Etudes to help increase proficiency the performer has a better chance of enjoying practice.

We are currently in the process of our “Etude Project,” an ongoing creation of works to help build skills, increase your musical toolkit and improve as performers. While we currently have 20 Etudes completed we are working on 60 in our first grouping. They are organized like:

  • 20 Etudes for the Lower Hand (focusing on the Bottom of the Flute)
    • 3 Etudes Focusing on Quarter and Half Notes
    • 3 Etudes Focusing on Eighth Notes
    • 3 Etudes Focusing on 16th Notes
    • 3 Etudes Focusing on the 6/8 Time Signature
    • 3 Etudes Focusing on 2 New Chromatic Notes
    • 3 Etudes Focusing on 1 New Partial Covered Note
    • 2 Etudes Combining all that you have learned
  • 20 Etudes for the Upper Hand (focusing on the Top of the Flute)
    • TBA
  • 20 Etudes for the Full Flute
    • TBA

Each Etude comes with detailed Performance Notes to help the Performer understand what they should be learning.

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