Live Flute Lessons: 09-02-2020 Your First Flute Lesson

Posted by on Sep 2, 2020 in Flute Basics, Flute Lessons, Full Flute
Live Flute Lessons: 09-02-2020 Your First Flute Lesson
Learn to Play the Native Flute - 1st Lesson - Lesson Expectations and the Importance of Breath

This was a public Livestream recorded on 09-03-2020.

This Live Native American Wood Flute lesson discussed what to expect from Lessons, What to Expect when playing the Flute, Breathing, Playing Long Tones and Your First Scale.

1) Understanding what people want from lessons and what to expect is important to manage expectations
2) Understanding that the Flute will change over time due to moisture in the breath and a little basic care of the Flute
3) Understanding different techniques in breathing will help with getting the best sound out of the Flute
4) Understanding long tones will help in getting great sounds from the instrument and produce amazing tones for your audience
5) Understanding your first scale will get you on your way to playing your own music