Compositions In Multiple Keys

A, G, F#

Each composition is transposed into the three most commonly used Native American Wood Flute Keys.
Buy one for $3.99 or All 3 keys for $7.99 (3 for 2) from our Online Store
This makes purchases simple for most people, but we recognize it doesn’t work for everyone.
If custom keys are wanted just ask and we will make it happen!

Keyboard Accompaniment on YouTube

free for all compositions

Each composition has a corresponding piano accompaniment on our
for the core keys: A, G, and F#.
These are FREE for everyone!
Just because you don’t have an accompanist doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy playing our music!

Custom Compositions

you want something ... just inquire

Composing On Keyboard

We love writing music for the Native American Wood Flute.
We have arranged songs, composed original pieces, and written educational works.
We enjoy working on new and exciting projects.
If you would like to discuss creating something for a special event, media project, or just for fun,

contact us

to see your options!