Work with Enoch

a couple of things enoch does that people ask him to do

private lessons

Want a private lesson to improve your NAF Skills? Need to take your performance to a new level? Have a one-on-one with a professional music instructor who has spent 20+ years teaching students to become better through techniques, stylistic understanding and music theory


Want an original composition, arrangement or commission for a special event? Want a new piece of music to play for fun? Have Enoch compose something special for you that is a one of a kind, special piece just for you.


Need a unique presentation for your classroom? Want a memorable topic your organization and clients will love and talk about? Have Enoch come to your event and educate, entertain and engage your audience with Native American stories, music and legends. From kindergarten to elder-care, Enoch has presented to hundreds of people, and you could be next

Things I Like to Talk About

Native Flute Theory: 7 Notes (diatonic) is 2 better than 5 notes (pentatonic), right?

So in my post It’s all about the pentatonic I described two pentatonic scales (one using the anchor finger on the 4th hole and one with the anchor finger on the 3rd hole) and how they work with the Native American Wood Flute. Up until this point I haven’t really addressed the idea of “diatonic” […]

video advice – The Pentatonic Scale

This video shows how to play the minor pentatonic scale for the Native American Wood Flute. The first scale that any NAF Player should know and understand.

What Flute Should I Purchase?

I get asked a lot by people who are starting out “What type of Flute Should I Purchase? I’m just starting out.” While this may seem like a simple answer (“The cheapest so you don’t feel like you waste money when you stop playing 2 weeks from now.” Cynical I know, but sometimes the truth […]

Native Flute Videos I've Done

Here are just some things I've done over the past couple of years ...

Another “How the Native American Flute” works video I did for Native American Appreciation Month 2014

- what is the native american flute (NAF)

This is a quick how the Native Flute works video I did for Native American Appreciation Month (November) in 2010

- how the native flute works

This is an arrangement of the hymn “Lead Kindly Light” that I performed a couple of years ago

- private performance

This is a quick play of “Amazing Grace” I did for Native American Appreciation Month (November) in 2010

- quick play “Amazing Grace”