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Class Room Presentations
Are you a teacher and want to excite your students with an experienced presenter? Well search no more! Enoch Chapman, our founder, loves presenting and has been for over 30 years.

We have several presentations from which you can select. Each presentation is tailored to the grade, subject and context of the classroom. Want to learn about Native American Studies? We got you covered. Want to learn about Music? We got you covered. Want to learn about Marketing Principles, Business Ethics in Real World Examples, or Software Development Principles? Yeah … we got you covered.

Here are some of presentations we offer:


  • Native American Flute Basics
  • Nature and the Pentatonic Scale
  • Music Theory of the Native Flute
  • etc…


  • Native Legends and Stories
  • 5 Native American Causes to Know
  • 5 Native American Artists to Know
  • etc…


  • Psychological Web Design
  • Crafting the Modern Resume
  • Modern Business Ethics
  • etc…

It’s so easy to schedule a presentation with Enoch!

  1. Make the Decision to Work with Enoch to Present for your Class
  2. Revel in the Joy of the Decision You Made
  3. Warm-Up your Mouse Finger to Click on the Next Link
  4. Go to, Select a class type, date and time.

And because this is for our teachers and the education of students, we waive our normal presentation fee ($250/hr.), so your cost is FREE!!!!

We look forward to working with you!!!