Native Flute Theory: 7 Notes (diatonic) is 2 better than 5 notes (pentatonic), right?

So in my post It’s all about the pentatonic I described two pentatonic scales (one using the anchor finger on the 4th hole and one with the anchor finger on the 3rd hole) and how they work with the Native American Wood Flute. Up until this point I haven’t really addressed the idea of “diatonic” […]

Native Flute Theory: It’s All About The Pentatonic!!!

So I’ve mentioned in a previous post about the Native American Flute being a “Pentatonic” Flute, but what does that really mean? If we think about our Greek Lessons (I know you all took them) you will remember that “penta” is a prefix meaning “five” while “tonic” is derivation of the word “tonos” which means […]