Lesson Four: The Breath of a Great Song

There is a strong component of any musical experience that brings the listener into the realm of passion, and that is expression. Expressive playing joins the emotional and the technical; the skills with the impressions. It is through the expression that people begin to feel connected with the music. The problem with most music instructors […]

Lesson Three: Playing the Musical Skip

After a little bit of a hiatus I thought that I would continue my “Native Flute Lesson” series by bridging two ideas together. In the first Lesson we discussed how a strong “Initial Tone” is one of the most important ideas of playing great Flute. The Second Lesson, “The First Scale,” showed the notes that […]

Lesson Two: The First Scale

So you have started to practice the Initial Tone and feel pretty good about how your sound is progressing. Now you are looking for a more challenging technique … or at least more notes then just moving fingers up and down. So welcome to the world of your First Scale. Depending on what type of […]

Lesson One: The Importance of the Initial Tone

So I’ve been thinking about the importance of sound when it comes to the Native American Wood Flute (or NAF). There are a lot of people out there who pick up the instrument and start playing it with extreme ease. The instrument is a simple instrument, 5 or 6 holes and a mouth piece that […]