What Flute Should I Purchase?

I get asked a lot by people who are starting out “What type of Flute Should I Purchase? I’m just starting out.” While this may seem like a simple answer (“The cheapest so you don’t feel like you waste money when you stop playing 2 weeks from now.” Cynical I know, but sometimes the truth […]

Understanding the Flute Key (Flute Letter)

So you want to learn to play the Native American Wood Flute (or NAF) and you’re confused with the “A”, “F#”, “G” and other letters that make up the wood flute language. Don’t worry. It is easy to figure out with a little understanding. The Initial Tone First thing to understand is the letter is […]

What Key Am I In? – “Dorian is such a great sound!”

So in the constant search of finding new sounds for the Native American Wood Flute or (NAF) I should mention yet another type of scale that the flute is able to speak. However, before I mention this wonderful scale let’s understand a simple concept first. The major scale is a simple pattern that can be […]

“What Key am I in?” – There’s MORE than minor?

So in my last post I talked about how the Native American Flute (NAF) is recognized to be played in a standard minor key. If you stick with a traditional “open” fingering then, yes, then the Native American Flute will play a minor pentatonic (1) scale. This makes a lot of flutes very static in […]

“What Key am I in?” – Beginning Native Flute Concepts

I am always intrigues at listening to people talk about “What Key am I in?” when it comes to the Native American Wood Flute. I love to listen to people’s answers, because they almost always talk about one aspect of the flute … the minor. I would like to take some time to describe a […]