video advice – The Pentatonic Scale

This video shows how to play the minor pentatonic scale for the Native American Wood Flute. The first scale that any NAF Player should know and understand.

What Flute Should I Purchase?

I get asked a lot by people who are starting out “What type of Flute Should I Purchase? I’m just starting out.” While this may seem like a simple answer (“The cheapest so you don’t feel like you waste money when you stop playing 2 weeks from now.” Cynical I know, but sometimes the truth […]

Native Flute Theory: It’s All About The Pentatonic!!!

So I’ve mentioned in a previous post about the Native American Flute being a “Pentatonic” Flute, but what does that really mean? If we think about our Greek Lessons (I know you all took them) you will remember that “penta” is a prefix meaning “five” while “tonic” is derivation of the word “tonos” which means […]

Native Flute Players: Robert Mirabal

I think it’s nice to highlight flute players who are rather talented and impressive so more people can appreciate the music that is out there. While I have many favorites which I will mention in future posts, I think it’s important for me to highlight a Native American musician that started it all for me. […]